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This web site has been created by Consorci de Turisme de l'Alt Berguedà , with informative character. The fact that accesses on this page implies the knowledge and acceptance of the following terms and conditions.



1. Titularity of the web site. The name of the domain and, they are registered in favor of Consorci de turisme de L'alt Berguedà with CIF P-0800090-C and social address in C/ Barcelona , 49, 3rd. - 08600 - Berga (Barcelona). Telephone of contact 34 93 822 21 12 and email address



2. Copyright of the web site. All the rights of copyright of the contents of this web page and its graphic design, are an exclusive property of the Consorci de turisme de l'Alt Berguedà and it is to whom corresponds  the exercise exclusive to the rights of exploitation of the same ones.


Therefore its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, total or partial, comes off prohibited without the express authorization of the Consorci de Turisme de l'Alt Berguedà. Equally, all the distinctive signs, marks, trade names or signs of any class, contents in this web site are protected by law.


3. Contents of the web site and links. Consorci de Turisme de l'Alt Berguedà is not made for the bad use that is carried out of the contents of its web page, regrets accesses to them or uses them responsible. Either it assumes any responsibility for the information contained in the web pages of third to the that can be accessed for links from the page The presence of these links they have an informative purpose, not constituting under any circumstances an invitation to the recruitment of products or services that they offer themselves in the web page of fate. In the event of that the Consorci de Turisme de l'Alt Berguedà has effective knowledge of that the activity or the information in what is remitted from these links it is illicit, constitutive of offense or it can injure lambs or rights of third susceptible of compensation, it will operate with the necessary diligence to suppress or to make useless the corresponding link with the senior possible shortness.

4. Update and modification of the web site. Consorci de Turisme de l'Alt Berguedà reserves the right of updating, modifying or eliminating the information contained in its| web site, and its configuration or presentation, in any moment, without previous advice and without assuming any responsibility for making it.

5. Indications about technical aspects. Consorci de Turisme de l'Alt Berguedà does not assume any responsibility that it can derive from technical problems or errors in the computer equipment, not imputable to the Consorci, that are produced during the connection to the net of Internet, or that can be caused by third party through illegitimate interferences out of his control.  


From Consorci de turisme de l'Alt Berguedà the absence of virus and of other elements that can cause damages in the computer systems, in the electronic documents or in the files of user of this web site is not guaranteed or of web pages of third, and therefore, the prejudices is not made responsible that they can be produced by these causes.


It also comes off exonerated from every responsibility in the face of possible damages or prejudices that the user can suffer as a consequence of errors, faults one omissions in the information that it facilitates when it comes from third sources.


6. Data processing of the user. Without prejudice of the foreseen one in the one indicated in each one of the forms of the web page, when the user facilitates his datum of personal character, he is authorizing expressly to Consorci de Turisme de l'Alt Berguedà to the treatment automated of his Particulars for the indicated purposes in the same forms.


Consorci de Turisme de l'alt Berguedà , will incorporate the datum facilitated by the user into a file of its titularity duly communicated to the Agency of Datum Protection. Consorci de Turisme de l'Alt Berguedà  will not hand over the datum picked up without consent of the user or will communicate third the datum picked up without consent of the user. The user will be able to exercise his  rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, communicating it in writing to the postal address or to electronic mail of the Consorci.


Warning about utilization of cookies. We advise that this page can use cookies. The user has the option to block the generation of cookies, through the selection of the corresponding option in his program of navigation.

7. Legislation and applicable jurisdiction. With general character, the relationships with the users, who derive from the contribution of the services contained in this web page, are subjected to the legislation and Spanish jurisdiction.


The users of this web site are conscious of everything the exposed and accept it voluntarily.