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Hiking :: Mountain Crossings
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Mountain Crossings

Fageda prop de Queralt

Cami dels Bons Homes (GR 107)

On 2 march 1244, after a year of siege, the Occitan fortress of Monsegur fell. The Cathar perfects and believers who did not abjure their faith were burnt in a great bonfire next to the castle, a place known as the Field of the Burnt.
Those called "good men" were mercilessly prosecuted by both the Church and the King of France. For the former, the doctrine wich sought a return to Christian purity posed a threat.

cavalls del vent

Cavalls del Vent

The route is presented here as a series of eight stages between each of the mountain huts.
- The entire route is waymarked, the mark to follow being orange dots or circles.
- The altitude of the trek ranges from 910 metres up to 2510 metres, with a positive height difference of some 5.000 metres and a distance of around 97 km.  

Pla d'Anyella

Ruta de l'Ermità